North American star Ethan “nahtE” Arnold is set to join NRG Esports, according to multiple sources. It is expected that he will replace Danish rifler Allan “AnJ” Jensen on the active roster after his buyout is finalized.

Once Counter Logic Gaming ceased operations in professional Counter-Strike earlier this month, nahtE and some of his former teammates had been playing without an organization as “Unemployed for Christmas.” The players had originally expressed their interest in continuing to play together but now must fill a glaring hole with nathE departing to NRG. It is still undecided if the remaining players will stick together or go their separate ways.

nahtE is often referred to as one of the most promising young talents in North America and will significantly bolster the NRG lineup. Although a case could be made for Ricardo ‘Rickeh’ Mulholland, nahtE was arguably the best player for CLG throughout 2017. At 17 years old, his CS:GO career is still in it’s infancy. NRG recently qualified for the Finals for Season 6 of ESL Pro League but failed to exit the group stage.